Yvonne Nelson Says Obinim Will Spent Your Money On More Cars And Houses Abroad

The self-appointed voice of Gh and actress Yvonne Nelson recently tweeted about the best way to donate to the poor and the needy during this pandemic.

The actress in a tweet said because “God sees and knows our hearts”, one should not be tricked these churches and pastors who are after their own personal interests. Yvonne saw that many pastors including Obinim will use the current coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to extort more money from their congregants and sympathisers. “Most churches/pastors will use our money for luxurious lifestyles”, she said.

The lifestyle of pastors in Ghana is something that is the envy most people considering the cars and houses they have. One of these pastors who claim to be wealthy is Bishop Angel Obinim. The pastor claims to have properties in Spain and Dubai but recently was seen on TV begging for money to pay for his TV stations.

Another pastor Brian Amoateng gave a brand-new car to musician but when questioned about what he and his church was prepared to do for his church members, he replied they have already received their blessings the money they donate to the church. He has been seen in expensive cars and seem to fly first class when he travels abroad but refused to support his church members providing hand sanitisers.

Medikal, Kwaku Manu and Asamoah Gyan unlike some of these pastors have stepped up giving hand sanitisers, buckets and food stuff to the people.

Yvonne added that one should not let another person witness their act of kindness especially if one wants the good Lord to bless them. Whether this was a shade to those that were preparing to donate like Jackie Appiah and Menaye Donkor is unknown. It is possible that she anticipated that people will look up to celebrities to help out during these difficult times and since she’s either not prepared to help or don’t have the resources to help, chose to hide behind the tweet. At least the tweet gives her the chance to say, “I am doing something but refuses to share with the public.”


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