Women That Genuinely Like You Won’t Bill You Unnecessarily — Man

A Nigerian man known as Mr West and uses the handle on Twitter, @adet0la has shared his opinion on the issue of women who put almost all their financial burdens on a man in a relationship.

Mr West posited that a woman who genuinely loves a man will not unnecessarily bill the man and according to him, this is an experience he has had.

He, however, pointed to the fact that some men who lament over how they spend on their girlfriends yet they don’t actually like them is because they are dating gold diggers.

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Read some reactions to this post below;


I agree with this 100% . Your mouth even gets heavy to ask. Is just natural .


Is only those hungry lions that don’t like you that will bill you 


Some of us don’t even know how to ask at all lol. Just carry your Wahala and go..


As you no like the person wey you like no go like you too 


We know. And they are the type we spend heavily on eventually


Honestly sha, if a woman loves you, she’ll be eating your money with sense and even want to help you invest or save.


How much was your PHCN bill last month. It’s like you people don’t have issues in this country apart from relationships


When I read this post, I remembered the wise words my grandma said to me at my aunt’s wedding while we were sitting next to each other besides the band. The music was so loud so I didn’t hear the wisdom


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