Viktoh Blasts Nigerians Who Mocked Him Online About Police Brutality

Following Nigerian singer, Viktoh becoming a victim of police brutality, which hit the internet earlier yesterday, some Nigerians decided to rather condemn the singer for complaining about the incident rather than facing his dying career.

Viktoh has however berated his critics for being indifferent to his plight instead of condemning the act of the policemen who could have done worse to another citizen on the street.

He tweeted:

“I kept on tweeting and fighting against this police brutality but you guys ignored me now it has happened to me and someone is saying I never did something about it? This is sad’

Some people even said I should shut up and face my career like what’s happing to people of this world

Too much hate in this country sha

I still came out to perform for my fans that’s the fucking passion!”


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