Veteran SA Actor Asks For Help

Former Rockville actor Sello Motloung has taken to social media to humbly ask for a job from local productions.

It looks like the pandemic has hit Sello Motloung hard and has left with him with no option than to beg local productions to come to his aid.

In a Facebook post he wrote,: “I’m just an Actor, seeking a director/producer to cast me in their production, to show me some love. I wouldn’t even mind auditioning for that role. Is there such a director/producer out there who would like me to be part of their production?”

Speaking to the Daily Suns, the veteran actor said “Our industry is going through turmoil too due to the pandemic. A lot of actors had challenges getting jobs even before the pandemic. I just want a chance to audition. I’m not asking for handouts.”

The actor says that it was not easy asking for a job in the manner that he did, but he had to do it because his last acting gig was on SABC2’s Lithapo last year.

He also added that this was not only about him, but about fellow actors who’ve been struggling to get jobs.

“Productions haven’t stopped. They’re up and running but we never see calls for auditions. They have their main cast, but I think it would be fair and interesting if these were open for everyone. Not everyone has access to those auditions. We have this self-tape culture because of the pandemic.

“Those of us who’ve been in the industry for a while are uncomfortable with self-tapes. We’re used to going to auditions,” he explained.


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