Ugandan Musician Embarrasses President Nana Akuffo Addo and President Muhammadu Buhari

Ugandan musician and politician Robert Kyagulanyi, popular known as Bobi Wine has stepped up to the plate while many African leaders including Ghana’s President Akuffo Addo remain in the closet about the treatments suffered Africans in China.

The viral videos showing Africans being kicked out of their homes and hotel plus being refused services at eateries have prompted the musician to act. The musician in a statement said he is prepared to airlift all the Africans in Guangzhou who are affected the maltreatment.

It seems musicians are standing up for the people while politicians whose duty it is to stand up for the people remain in their seats. Ghanaian rapper Medikal and his wife Fella Makafui donated hand sanitizers and face masks to a police station in the capital. Many celebrities in Ghana have donated to government institutions and the public as shown in the video below

Several videos have shown that Ghanaian and Nigerian citizens have been affected these harsh treatments, but their governments are yet to make such bold statements. The Nigerian government through its embassy is Beijing said it is prepared to evacuate its citizens but actions they say speak louder than words. These maltreatments were reported about 5 days ago, but no action has been made the authorities. As for the Ghanaian government or embassy in China, they are yet to release any official message regarding the treatment of their people and other African nationals.

The African Groups of Ambassadors in Beijing have written a letter to the Chinese government to help put a stop to bad treatment of Africans, but the Chinese government is yet to do something about it. The local government in Guangzhou has denied any wrong doings and claim the people seen in the videos are illegal immigrants.

A Zimbabwean appeared on China Global Television Network (CGTN) to refute the treatments of Africans in the province. A video was released showing African’s in quarantine receiving food and flowers from doctors.

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