Teni recounts taking $50 to a Gucci shop in Dubai where products were sold for $20,000

Nigerian singer Teni Apata has recounted a time in her life when she went to a Gucci store in Dubai with just $50 dollars.

The “Sugar Mummy” hit maker told her funny story in an interview on Starr FM in Ghana.

According to Teni, she was in Dubai some time ago and decided to treat herself to some expensive Gucci products.

When she went to the shop, all the products were highly priced with one bag going for as much as $20,000.

The singer said in her confusion, she asked what she could buy with $50 and was told she could not buy anything at all.

Teni said “Honestly, I entered the Gucci store thinking I could buy something.

That day it was me and my producer Jason. One bag, $20,000 so I was asking, what can I buy for $50? They said they don’t have anything so I realized that’s not my store.”

The BET awards nominee then revealed that Hushpuppi, a renowned Nigerian business man in Dubai saw her video and reached out to her.

Teni said that Hushpuppi told her to go to the store again and this time pick anything she wanted because he would pay for it.

Teni is in Ghana for the much anticipated Ghana Meets Naija concert slated for Saturday 8th June.

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