Sam Anthony Samuel writes: We will Retire Alhassan Kobena Ghansah In The Forthcoming December polls

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Sam Anthony Samuel writes: We will Retire Alhassan Kobena Ghansah In The Forthcoming December polls


*The Tescon Organizer* for Foso college of education for 2019/2020 is today 02/08/2020 stating emphatically that we are going to retire the NDC parliamentary candidate for Asikuma Odoben Brakwa voting Npp parliamentary candidate.

My emphasis are clear .His
Political retirement is on the early indicator of the political environment,and for the second consecutive elections, Alhassan Kobena Ghansah will head for exit .In the forthcoming December elections, two candidates are contesting for the mpship in A.O.B . Alhassan’s retirement is nearing the level of votes he lost in the 2016 elections.
Coming December 7th elections, it will be a familiar Dynamics.
We are going to end Alhassan’s parliamentary candidacy 1000plus votes difference. We will choose Hon.Emmanuel Adjei Domson as Mp for Asikuma Odoben Brakwa.

The Npp parliamentary candidate for A.O.B is a generational thinker, Hardworking, competent, Transformer and above all he is a great leader of vision.

Having said this,Hon Emmanuel Adjei Domson is a generational thinker in the sense that,during his tenure of office as D.C.E during prez.kuffour’s time saw the need to escalate the education system in the constituency so he built another senior high school in the east of the constituency now Brakwa Shs.Help the needy but brilliant students and also projected the education system on a high level of interest .

He also saw the need to re-shape the S.H.S located in the north of the district now Odoben Senior High School.

*He* *didn’t* *end* *it* there but rather lobbied for another S.H.S. which would have been located on the southern and the western part of the district namely Bedum Senior High School and Ahwiam Senior High School but due to change of government the project was abandoned.

Hon.Emmanuel Adjei Domson the Npp Parliamentary Candidate for A.O.B will continue his legacy and this time around he is going to re-shape and re-position brakwa s.h.s,
Will help build private s.h.s in A.O.B
An accredited nursing training college,
A new S.H.S which will be located at Bedum and Ahwiam
A new dormitory for Odoben Senior high school.He is going to make A.O.B competitive, attractive and livable and this will lead to centre of attraction and above all will Transform the district to municipality.

Hon.Emmanuel Adjei Domson is man with network for town development. His performance during his tenure of office as DCE revealed him to be the most hardworking and competent in the history of A.O.B development.

We the youth of Asikuma Odoben Brakwa have made up our minds to choose Hon.Emmanuel Adjei Domson as Mp for the constituency for the reason that, he is the true Messiah for A.O.B.

*Agenda 1000+votes difference*

Sam Anthony Samuel writes: We will Retire Alhassan Kobena Ghansah In The Forthcoming December polls
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