Reverend Owusu Bempah Lied About Coronavirus

Reverend Owusu Bempah in a recent video claims to have prophesied about the coronavirus pandemic plaguing Ghana and the whole world. The man of God claims God revealed the disease and its impact on the world to him about two years ago.

Rev. Owusu made the claims when responding to Bro Dan Asiamah’s accusation that none of the so-called prophets in Ghana prophesied about the coronavirus. He said he was not the only prophet that God revealed the virus to but at least three other prophets including one prophet in Ghana.

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He presented the other prophet who claimed he saw the coronavirus being sold to demons fom around the world another demon at musician Amakye Dede’s Abrantie Spot. Unlike most money transactions in a country, the prophet claimed each demon paid using their own country’s currency from dollars for the United States demon to yuan from the Chinese demon.

The problem is Rev Owusu Bempah categorically denied ever prophesying about the coronavirus in another video he released before the current video. He claimed in that video that he can’t even pronounce the name of the virus how much more prophesy about it.

The question then becomes which of these statements the man of God is true? Did God reveal the virus to him or not? Did he forget about his own prophesy because it was two years ago, and the spirit reminded him when he was challenged about not being a prophet?

One may never find the answers to these questions but one thing for sure and that is the man of God was economical with the truth and probably have a short memory when it comes to things that he say.


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