Problems of Research Work

Problems of Research Work In Education.

Generally the problems of research work are very tough, most fascinating accounts of human
problem solving and discoveries show remarkably
how research coupled with creativity has led many
scientists and inventors to improve the lots of
human life. Research in education and other disciplines has played prominent roles in this
respect of improving the conditions of human life.
Specifically, the roles of educational research include;

(a) Improvement in the Effectiveness of the Teacher

Problems of Research Work
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Information obtained from educational research reports leads to improvement in methods of teaching, evaluation of teachers, and modification
of the teacher- education programmes of tertiary

When new structures, guidelines, curricular experiences, programs, and services are ushered into the education system, research becomes necessary in order to provide feedback for improvement. Through such research, seminars and
workshops are organized to ensure teachers’

expertise and readiness to cope with new contents
and attendant new approaches to teaching. Hence,
research ensures that teachers preparation suits the
realities of their job requirements.

(b) Providing Solutions to Learning Problems

various kinds of educational researches conducted in the past have provided solution to most learning problems. Some of these problems of the learners include:

inability comprehend concepts, backwardness, phobic tendencies, anxiety, lack of zeal towards academics, truancy and maladjustment schools. Educational researches conducted in the past brought to focus the relationship between learning and maturation, and suggested that the development stages of the learners should be considered in their readiness learn.

(c) Extending the Frontiers of Knowledge

The conclusions of scientific researchers conducted
in the past has led to knowledge advancement in
every aspect of human life. As long as such
findings, theories and postulates continue to offer
solutions to human problems, they are accepted as
part of human knowledge. Through research man
has continued to progressively explore his environment, and build up knowledge of time and

(d) Providing Solution to Educational Problems

This is the major role of educational research. The
objective of any research project in education is to
provide solution to an identified problem in education. The problem may relate to the teachers, the learners, curriculum content and materials,
school administration, budget allocations
to education, evaluation techniques etc. The success of any research project in education in gaining recognition and approval depends on the level to which it is geared towards solving a novel problem in education.

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(e) Improving Educational Practices
Research leads to improvement in educational
practices. Such improvement could be seen in the
use of instructional media and information
technology, special education for the disabled in the
Society, education for the children of the nomads
and migrant fishermen, curriculum revision, and
better principles of administration and supervision.

(f) Promoting Creativity and Research Awareness

Most researches conducted in the past have led to
discoveries that are fascinating and challenging to
individuals with the creative mind. Such researches
are sources of inspiration to the creative mind, and
plays a vital role in increasing the awareness of individuals in terms of undertaking research approach as a positive step to finding solutions to perplexing human problems.

The Problems of Research in Nigerià

Problems of Research Work
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(a) Poor Financial Support

One of the problems that impede the development
of research and the successful completion of research projects in Nigeria is inadequate financial
support. Most research projects undertaken by
talented and professionally qualified researchers
either individually, or collectively in the form of
research centres, have been frustrated due to
inadequate funding by government. Companies and
other organizations that are supposed to assist the
government in funding such research interests have
shown weakness in response to such responsibilities. Hence, many research proposals
initiated by individuals, research units, in tertiary
institutions, and other research organizations could
not see the light of the day due to financial handicap. The research allowance paid to academic
staff in tertiary institutions is grossly inadequate to
sustain meaningful research project.

(b) Lack of Awareness

Most people are not aware of the importance of
rescarch to a developing country like Nigeria. The society still lack the necessary social awareness to
appreciate the activities of research workers, hence
these research workers, do not enjoy maximum co-
operation from their respondents during field study
and data collection. It is sad to note that sometimes
when the relevant data needed for a study are supposed to be obtained from certain personalities in high positions in government ministries, parastatal’s or companies, such persons often feel so
reluctant to furnish the required information.

(c) Poor Statistical Background

Many research workers are not competent in the use
of the relevant statistical tools for analysis and
interpretation of data. When a wrong application of
statistics is made in analysis of data and test of
hypotheses, it leads to wrong conclusions and

(d) Lack of Facilities and Modern Communication Network.

Sometimes, research workers have
to cover hundreds of kilometres in order to obtain data. In such situations, poor transportation network could pose problems that are frustrating to the researchers.

However, if there are adequate installations of
modern communication facilities like telephone, fax
and mails to reach the grassroots, research workers
might attempt to use such devices to alleviate their

problems. Sometimes, equipment and materials may not be available. This is often the case in sciences, where equipments are either spoilt, outdated, or not available at all in the laboratories. This kind of situation introduces a lot of error in research studies as the researcher may want to improvise materials to carry out his study.

(e) Lack of Zeal and Perseverance

Most researchers lack the zeal to continue their
quest to discover new ideas even in the face of
problems and frustrations. When such researchers
are confronted with a lot of problems and constrains, they resort to abandoning the study, and
divert attention to less challenging problems. It is
important to note that earlier researchers were able
to make good discoyeries due to their determination
to succeed, even when there were neither research
grants nor any kind of encouragement.

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