Princess Shyngle Fiancé Caught Her Sending a Video to a Married American

Gambian actress and the woman with the smallest waist in Ghanaian movies, Princess Shyngle was caught her fiancé when she sent a private message to an American rapper via Instagram.

The incident according to Shyngle’s happened one morning after she and the boyfriend had finished making love and were lying in bed. Unknown to her, the fiancé had spotted her sending a DM to another man. This infuriated him and led to an argument.

Shyngle tried to play the incident of claiming she doesn’t even know the rapper. She said the rapper sent her a direct message asking for a video which she obliged. She accused the fiancé of blaming her for his own insecurities instead of working on them and becoming less threatened other men.

The actress who is sharing all these incidents and stories on her current reality show claims she is doing so to inspire and encourage others, rather than seeking attention.

It seems Princess Shyngle have a thing for convicts and ex-convicts. The rapper in question is called Casanova 2X, a New York rapper based in Brooklyn. He was a street guy who later turned his life around after serving 8 years in prison. He has been married for over 5 years and has two kids with the wife, a woman who stood his side through out his time in jail.

Shyngle’s fiancé is currently serving time in an American prison and the “tapoli” wasted beauty is sticking her man. She does visit him in prison and has shared pictures and videos of herself when visiting her man.

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