‘Photoshop and so what?’ – Sonnie Badu subtly replies Pope Skinny

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‘Photoshop and so what?’ – Sonnie Badu subtly replies Pope Skinny

Shatta Wale and Beyonce’s Already music video has created a lot of arguments on social media.

A lot of critics were of the view that Beyonce was photoshopped into the video and that Shatta Wale never got to meet her face to face.

Chief among the people making these accusations is Shatta Wale’s own former best friend, Pope Skinny.

Well, Renowned Ghanaian musician and pastor, Dr. Sonnie Badu has come out to reply to all critics. In an interview with Celebrities Buzz TV, he said that what’s wrong even if the photo was photoshopped?

He reiterated that he doesn’t understand why Ghanaians in general try to undermine the efforts of others. He added further that it’s better we embrace what Shatta Wale has done and praise him rather than try to discredit him with baseless allegations.

Below were his words:

I’ve seen one other young man saying Shatta Wale didn’t go to America, Beyonce didn’t come to Ghana…which one na dey concern you? even if you’re an enemy, this one you just have to say thumbs up. The guy has done something and it’s trending all over the world, the world is celebrating it, let to celebrate it.

“Photoshop and so what? So the hug too na photoshop? Why can’t we change our mindset? Why can we not change, the mindset that kills our heroes? If this thing were to happen in Nigeria, do you know how Nigerians will be celebrating it? “

Watch the video below:

‘Photoshop and so what?’ – Sonnie Badu subtly replies Pope Skinny
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