Patapaa To Hold Shatta-Like Virtual Concert this Saturday to Satisfy the Pa2Pa Nation – Tune In to Hear Noise Being Called Music

Having been out of the public eye in a meaningful way for a long time, Patapaa is looking for a way back into prominence.

In this coronavirus era, it’s not that easy to trend the old way, you have to do something COVID related.

Wale managed to grab all the headlines for a week with his COVID virtual concert idea and Patapaa obviously wants to follow in his footsteps to grab the headlines.

The ‘One Corner’ hitmaker has revealed he would hold a virtual concert himself from his house this weekend to satisfy the Pa2Pa nation.

“‘I’m in full support of Shatta Wale’s performance without audience just to make his fans happy. I’m even planning to organise my own concert next Saturday because as an artiste you have to show up whenever there is a situation like this.

“As you can see I and Shatta like performance. You can organise concert in your own house to let people see that you are there. I support Shatta Wale.”

Wale can perform his hit songs for hours – how many songs does Patapaa even have?

In case you have nothing doing this weekend maybe you can tune in and listen to him shouting and call it music to your ears.


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