Nursing Mother And Businessman Abducted By Suspected Gunmen In Benue Community

A nursing mother, Iorliam Dôôr Aggwei, and a man, Suleyol Emberga, were killed gunmen suspected to be herdsmen in Anyiin community, Logo Local Government Area, Benue State.

According to reports, the attackers stormed the market area of the community known as Tyogbenda Anyiin around 8 p.m. on Friday, June 4, when traders were wrapping up their day’s work, and began shooting sporadically.

According to a source who spoke to Vanguard, the attackers kidnapped a prominent Igbo businessman in the area, Emmanuel Chukwukwe Okonkwo of Enugu state, and whisked him away into the forest.

“They came from the forest leading to river at about 8pm, shooting sporadically and people started running, the woman who was carrying a child ran into one of the stalls but one of the bullets got her while she was peeping at the people. Luckily her bais still alive and safe but the mother died same with another young man who was also shot dead,” the source narrated.

“After killing the two, they kidnapped one Emmanuel Chukwukwe, the son of a prominent late business man in the community, who was one of the earliest settlers in the community. He established a liquor business there, married there and gave birth to his children in that community.

“After taking their captive they retreated to where they came from heading towards the river which leads to Tungwa in Nasarawa state. As we speak the invaders have not established contacts with the family of the victim though they took him with his phones but that area they took him to does not have cellphone network coverage.

“But we are hopeful that they will reach the family so as to release the young man soon because that family is like one of us and we are worried and pained about the incident. And the matter has already been reported to the Police at Ugba the Local Government Area Headquarters who also visited the area.” the source added. 

Meanwhile, the nursing mother’s brother, Comr Aggwei, confirmed the incident on Saturday, June 5, and shared photos of Okonkwo, the kidnapped businessman.


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