Nollywood Veterans Who Are No More On Set – Find Out Where They Are Now

Growing up, there were few things available to allow one to have a fun-filled day!

It was mostly those Westlife Cools, Celin Dion selection, Akon, R-Kelly and most definitely Nollywood movies.

These have been the memories which bring us the nostalgic feeling anytime we hear songs or about actors of yesteryears.

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For Nollywood particularly, I have had to ask myself times that where are the likes of Hanks Anuku, Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Saint Obi, Sam Dede and the rest?

If you are an 80s or 90s born you would agree with me that they bring all the good feelings of yesteryears! However, we hardly see them nowadays.

Where have they been, what have they been up to? By the end of this discussion, you would know!

1 Saint Obi

Saint Obi

The Nollywood actor debuted his first movie role in 1995. He quickly became one of the cherished on our screens, featuring in movies such as Take Me To Mama, Candle Light’ State of Emergency and others.

Years back the actor noted that he was cutting back on acting because he needed to focus on other businesses.

Any smart person will take advantage of any opportunity that comes, there are a million and one businesses out there that align with what one’s profession. The Dangotes of this world do a million businesses; they don’t stick to one business and become who they are today.

I didn’t stop acting because jobs stopped coming but because I needed to do other things. However, I am still involved in the industry even though it is mostly behind the camera.

2. Bob-Manuel Udokwu

Actor Bob-Manuel Udokwu was shot into fame in 1992 after he acting ‘Living In Bondage’. Bob-Manuel Udokwu is one of the actors who often graced the screens with variety – he mostly played a poor man or that man in desperation for something.

He later acted in movies like When The Sun Set, and Checkmates which became blockbusters that put Nollywood on the map.

Nollywood actor Bob-Manuel Udokwu is into active politics now, somewhere in 2002 he was rumoured of quitting acting for politics. It was late established when he became the Senior Special Assistant in charge of Creative Media to the Governor of Anambra Mr Willie Obiano.

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3. Tony Umez

We can attribute his kind of oblivion to probably his age and his experience. The actor has starred in several best Nollywood movies after touching the limelight in 1993. His first movie was Died Wretched.

Tony Umez has not quit acting, he shows up every once in a while and his recent movie was in 2017.

4. Hanks Anuku

Hanks Anuku

Actor Hanks Anuku definitely left a mark in Nollywood with his slang and of course, his roles are the baddest n*gga.

He acted in a collection of movies including; Skeleton, Senator, The Fall Of The Great Jago etc.

According to reports, Hanks Anuku has relocated to Ghana and become a Ghanaian citizen living with his family.

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