National Day of Fasting and Prayer Against Coronavirus Was A Waste of Everyone’s Time – Nana Tonardo

At the start of the COVID pandemic, one of the first decisions taken the President was to hold a ‘prayer breakfast’ and thereafter also declare an entire day of fasting and prayers.

When that happened Ghana’s number of COVID infections was at a very low rate – it has just continued to balloon every single day since then.

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The whole day of fasting and prayers appears to have had little impact on the epidemic, which has continued its spread.

Nana Tonardo

Reacting to it on social media, controversial Ghanaian entertainer Nana Tonardo says the whole event was a waste of time.

According to him, what Ghana needs to do to deal with this pandemic is to take God and Satan out of the equation and react rationally.

Tonardo said he knows Ghanaians would attack him for that but that’s simply the truth.

Check his post below…

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