Mshoza’s Husband Has Come Out To Speak

The husband of Queen of Kwaito has finally made his statement after the death of her lover. Prince and Mshoza were supposed to seal their marriage with a second celebration this month.

Prince believes he and her wife were about to make things work, but the family disagree.

“We loved each other. We reached some great milestones together. We were building a future,” said Prince.

“Sonto and I met last year at a friend’s place and started dating.”
She was living in Witbank at the time but had money problems, so I moved her and her kids to Dawn Park in Ekurhuleni to live with me.

“Sonto said she loved me and wanted to marry me. She said I was the only person she truly ever loved.

“We were already planning our wedding this December. We were going to have two ceremonies, one in Soweto and the other in Thokoza.

“Like any couple we had differences, but we weren’t going to divorce. When Sonto got sick, her sisters Thandi and Seipati got the opportunity to take her to Witbank,” he said.

“They didn’t tell me they’d taken her. I found out some time later. That’s when they started hiding her from me. Nomasonto was going to be fine if she’d been nursed other people.”

“Sonto had a problem with her sisters before she died. They didn’t like her. They said bad things about her. She didn’t want to die a Maswanganyi. They treated her badly.

“Thandi was abusive. Sonto would call friends and ask them to chase Thandi away because she was abusive.

“Thandi said Sonto mustn’t annoy her and asked her where her fans and her fame were, now that she was sick.
He said when he tried to reach out to her, they told him she didn’t want to speak to him and he shouldn’t worry about her health. Prince found out about her death through the media. Everything has been bad since Mshoza’s death,” he said.

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