Kantanka now producing smaller and affordable cars

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Kantanka now producing smaller and affordable cars

Kantanka Automobile Limited has finally listened to the cry of Ghanaians as they have started producing smaller cars which can in turn be affordable.

Ever since they started assembling cars in Ghana, they’re known for building luxury cars such as 4 x 4 among others which usually come at expensive prices — prices that the average Ghanaians cannot buy.

Some concerned critics have been telling the company that it’ll be wise on their side to produce simple but quality cars that they can sell at lower prices so that the average Ghanaian can be able to purchase from them.

They haven’t been listening over the years but with competition from Volkswagen car company who are also assembling their cars in Ghana now, perhaps, Kantanka has decided to take the good step of building smaller cars.

The CEO of the company, Kwadwo Safo shared a photo of such smaller cars in their factory on Twitter.

“Can you tell me what you see in this picture???”, his caption reads.

We can’t wait for these cars to be released unto the market soon.


Kantanka now producing smaller and affordable cars
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