I dated Genevieve Nnaji for two years – Pat Attah

Pat Attah, an actor, claims he dated Genevieve Nnaji for two years.

The Nigerian actor, who is based in Germany, recently said that he dated the multiple award-winning actress for almost two years.

In an interview with MecksoncrownBTV, Attah, one of Nollywood’s frontliners, stated his relationship with Nnaji was serious but had to stop when it did.

“Well, I ain’t gonna lie, Genevieve; we had something going on. We were both serious but for some reason, we had to break up when we had to break up. But that doesn’t mean that the whole thing wasn’t serious.

“I don’t remember. I think, maybe about two years or thereabout; I think?! Or almost two years.”

When asked about the nature of the relationship, if it was secret or otherwise, Attah replied: “No, we went places together. It wasn’t like a secret something

“It wasn’t like we were having an affair or playing or something; we were serious with each other”, he added.

Born Patrick Uchenna Attah, he was considered one of the hottest actors in the early days of Nollywood and best known for his romantic roles in movies.

Dubbed the ‘ladies’ man’, the handsome actor suddenly disappeared from the movie scene, relocated to Germany in 2015, in search of greener pastures, a place where ‘he could live for himself and no longer for people’.

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