Fella Makafui In Hot Waters For Copying Someone Again – Exposed For Stealing Feli Nuna’s Song ‘Azuma’ (Video)

The latest musician in town Fella Makafui has found herself in some hot waters as she’s been exposed Instagram blogger thosecalledcelebs for stealing fast rising female artist Feli Nuna’s song.

Apparently, Fella Makafui’s wack diss song ‘Over’ has the same rhythm of Feli Nuna’s song ‘Azuma’ and therefore it’s believed she stole from her since Fella Nuna has released her song.

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This revelation of the blogger has made some social media users troll Fella Makafui the more saying she can never stop copying others. She started with copying sister Derby’s derssing and now copying/stealing someone’s song.

Though she hasn’t said anything about this accusation of song theft, everything seems to go against her when one listens to the two songs.

She and her dear husband Medikal are fond of defending almost all their actions on social media but how they are going to defend this is a mystery because everything goes against Fella Makafui.

video below;


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