Efia Odo Exhibits Her ‘Ignorance’ – Claims Coronavirus Is A Scam

Social media influencer and video vixen Efia Odo has shocked many with her claims of coronavirus being a scam for global centralization of power.

According to her, the outbreak of the coronavirus and lockdown is just a weapon to start a new world order hence their actions and reaction towards the coronavirus and lockdown.

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To her, this coronavirus pandemic is not a deadly disease as speculated saying all the havoc it has caused are all just scam. She also disclosed that she believes at the end of this all humanity as we all know won’t be the same again.

She tweeted “CoVid19 is just a real scam for global centralization of power. Hence the reasons for the lock down in different countries especially its intensity in America. It’s a massive bio weapon and a start of a new world order. Humanity as we knew it before will never be the same AGAIN.”

The question is, is Efia Odo really lacking in knowledge when it comes to the outbreak of COVID-19 or she has just decided not to learn and know about it.

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