Crossdresser Goldtiful Flaunts G-Wagon And Pens Down An Advice To Bobrisky

Up and coming Nigerian crossdresser Goldtiful has taken to his page to flaunt his G-wagon as a way to shade his contender Bobrisky and has sent a piece of advice to the controversial crossdresser Bobrisky.

According to a post sighted on the page of Goldtiful, she has disclosed that she has been doing good and showing kindness to a lot of people but does it privately because he believes doing good to a person does not. According to her, after Bobrisky had an issue with her former Personal Assistant from Ivory Coast, he has decided to do good to people privately not publicly.

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Recall that Bobrisky had an issue with his Ivorian daughter who accused him of physically abusing her. The lady came out to reveal some alleged secrets of Bobrisky into the public domain. Bobrisky also came out to slam the lady and say he does not owe anyone an explanation.

This post from Goldtiful follows after a hard-die fan of his drew a tattoo of his name on his arm and shared the image in his inbox. As a way to appreciate the fan, Goldtiful flew the fan to Dubai for a holiday treat.

He took to his page and wrote, “Just so you know I helped a lot of persons in private after the whole Bobrisky issue with all those she claimed she helped. I learned is better to help people in private than to show off cause not everyone appreciates that kind of help. Sometimes just help people without letting two ears know.”

“Even if the person is gratful or not, you’ve done your part leave the rest for God. I’m so happy my unknown fan landed safely in dubai. I will visit him later when am less busy…. i promise not to give details out so i’m going to stick to that, just keep helping people the little way you can….”

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