Check Out How Some Female Celebrities Indirectly Mocked Fella Makafui After Releasing Her Wack Song ‘Over’ – Screenshot

Yesterday, actress turned musician Fella Makafui released her first song ‘Over’ which was indirectly a diss song to her rival sister Derby.

Since the release of her song, social media users have been bushing her for wasting their time and data bundle on such a ‘wack’ song which some classify as senseles.

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Some female celebrities such as Wendy Shay and singer Sefa also reacted to the song and their reaction showed they were teasing Fella Makafui indirectly.

Sefa went to the extent of saying at this point they don’t know what to do to Fella Makafui again asking her what happened to her.

Knowing very well that social media users will bash her for such a ‘wack’ song, Fella Makafui prepared herself very well and replied almost everyone who tried trolling or bashing her.

screenshots below;

Screenshot 20200415 053158


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