Ashimolowo On Fire – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Slams ‘Fake Miracle’ Pastors Such As T.B Joshua and Others – Video

Pastor Matthew Asimolowo is on fire, We don’t know if it’s the pandemic which has loosened his tongue or otherwise, but he doesn’t have any qualms speaking some powerful truths even if they would offend his fellow pastors.

A few days back he really disciplined the pastors spreading the baseless rumours that 5G causes coronavirus, including Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

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Ahimolowo really went in hard and spared no punches, really embarrassing his colleague pastor.

But he’s not even stopped there, throwing more punches recently at other pastors.

Mathew Ashimolowo

Ashimolowo held a live video session and really went after pastors who often hold ‘miracle’ sessions.

According to him most of them are fake and deceive the public to follow them.

”We now have charlatans in the land who will be claiming the miraculous and they are just liars, faking it. I am sure you heard of the lady whom they were passing to one another who would be dramatising her arm because the nation wants to see the miraculous, they want to see the supernatural,” Ashimolowo said.

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“The young men who were born in the fire of genuine revival need to be very careful or else all these guys who are just fakers of miracles who their God is their belly, they become the one that distracts.”

He mentioned only one pastor but there is no doubt when it comes to ‘fake miracles’ of this kind, the biggest name in Nigeria who consistently does that is Prophet T.B Joshua.


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