50 Year Old Nollywood Actress Ronnie Dikko Reveals Why She Married At Old Age

Veteran Nollywood actress, Ronnie Dikko has opened up on why she married at old age.

The actress has shared her story to motivate single ladies who are expecting to get married to hold on to the forte whilst they trust God.

The actress got married last year in her 50s. According to her, she got married to an Ekiti man who is a friend.

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Actress Ronnie Dikko told the Sun that she is fulfilled happy that she waited on God and at the right time he has answered her prayers with a man of her dreams.

‘It takes the grace of God to find your life partner, so you have to pray and wait for God to connect you spiritually and physically. Honestly, the pressure can be overwhelming, especially when your biological clock is ticking away, it takes great faith to wait and pray.

‘If God can give me a husband, they should be hopeful. There are classes of men, so it’s important to look before you leap.’ She added.


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