4 ways to deal with social media bullies

4 ways to deal with social media bullies

Social media is full of bullies at every angle. Say anything at all and they’ll make you feel worthless with their derogatory words.

Lawyer Desmond Nii Adjieteh Israel has listed 4 simple ways which one can deal with these social media bullies.

Read below:

“1. Starve them the responses we so much want (they strive on rotten ego, false-sense of entitlement and/or an inferiority complex).

2. Address issues if you really must engage them. An eye for an eye makes them win, they will malign you anyhow they can.

3. Remove their comments if it offends your true sense of judgement or even the sanity of your audiences and virtual friends.

4. Unfriend or block them if their activity is consistently toxic, they have a way of bringing people along that negative path.

Life is short, we must live freely and impact positively.”


4 ways to deal with social media bullies
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