Singer Teni laments about Nigeria, says Ghana has left us behind (video)

Musicians are often known to travel places in their bid to entertain people or simple loosen up. During their trips, they get to see a lot of different sights and see the different ways in which countries operate. Oftentimes, this might lead them to compare their homelands with these other places and give a verdict on which is better.

Recently, Nigerian musician Teniola Apata took a trip to Ghana. The talented singer who has been in the country for over 24 hours could not help but notice the way things worked over there and how different they seemed to be from how things operated in Nigeria.

For one, Teni was rather impressed by the fact that there was stable electricity in the country of Ghana. According to her, since she has been there, there has not been any power outage neither was there any sound of generators revving through the night.

This highly improved state of Ghana has caused Teni to take to her Instagram page to lament. In a weeping mood, the lady complained that Nigeria has been left behind in spite of the fact that they used to be on a higher pedestal than their fellow African countries.

In the video, Teni also said that Nigerians needed to embark on a 200 days fasting if the country was going to be any better. For the singer, the only thing that stood Nigeria out from Ghana was Jollof rice and nothing more.

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God help us 😢😢

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Teni’s lamentation and cries for Nigeria were also echoed in the comment section of her Instagram page. Most of her fans replicated her sentiments as they also showed that they were not pleased with the way the country was being run.

See some of the reactions below:

lyken4321“The only solution to this country is to call back the white come back and rule us.. ..all the this politicians know is to wear agbada and say rubbish…..sometimes I cry for this country..”

rince_bruno_maxwell“Honestly you no lie at all. When I went to Ghana 2017. I just HUMBLED myself.”

b.maxofficial“I beg teni, I will give you one plot of land in ghana so that you can build House there , ghana is faa better than Nigeria for light oooo”

tokunboopute“oh my sister, thank you. When will Nigerians get it that development has nothing to do prayers and tithing or fasting too”

This is coming after another Nigerian singer 2Baba also lamented over the poor state of the country after arriving a particular airport in Ghana. The beauty and orderliness within the Ghanaian airport was applauded by the A-list musician.


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