2Baba expresses massive love for a Ghanaian airport that caught his eyes (video)

Earlier, singer Teni Makanaki took to lamenting the poor state of electricity in Nigeria after witnessing how stable the light is in Ghana. Well, it would seem this fellow African country is making quite an impression on Nigerian musicians as yet another one of them has taken a swipe at his own countrymen because of this same place.

This time, the singer is question is none other than Nigeria’s legendary 2Baba. On a visit to Ghana, Innocent Idibia popularly known as Tuface or 2Baba stepped his foot on Kotoka airport in Accra and he was simply blown away.

The singer who was swooned by how beautiful and technologically equipped the airport was could not help cast stones at his own countrymen for not doing a good job with the aviation sector in Nigeria.

In expressing his dismay at the poor state of the airports in Nigeria, 2Baba employed a lot of sarcasm and visual evidence. That is, he simply let the Kotoka airport speak for itself.

Upon giving his fans a survey of the way the airport looks, it is quite evident why he is very upset at the way aviation system works in Nigeria.

The clean surrounding of the airport, highly receptive staff matched by the state of the art facilities within the building was what inspired 2Baba to call out his own people and the leaders within the country.

See the video below;

As it appears, the new Kotoka airport in Accra was purposely built in collaboration with the Airports Company of South Africa to create an impression of the futuristic possibilities in the continent of Africa.

Its modern outlook, beautiful looking spaces and general airy feel make it to be on par with any airport in the world all over.

The airport is, indeed, making people swoon over Ghana and look forward to the peak it hopes to attain some day.


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